The Dominican Republic

Our Home Advantage

One of the closest near shore candle manufacturer to the US. 3-7-day transit time to East Coast ports ensure timely deliveries.

Exceptionally stable, pro-business government. Committed to building and maintaining efficient infrastructure and transportation networks. One of only 6 countries, globally that enjoys preferential market access to the US and EU.

Competitive cost structure with far east manufacturers and a highly skilled labor force that assures high quality product and delivery.

The benefits from CAFTA Free Trade Agreement provides tariff free and duty-free advantages in both the United States and European Union.

Free Trade Zone

Our Company Advantage

Quality Is Not Negotiable
Only the highest standard raw materials from the world’s finest producers.

Streamlined Decision Process
Big enough to handle complex orders, nimble enough to move quickly to bring products to market, efficiently.

Instant Response Time

Ability to respond to changing trends, market dynamics, and customer demands in a timely manner.

Customer Alignment
We closely track with evolving needs and customer requirements.

Private Label Specialists
We currently are the contract manufacturer for 30+ private brands.

Capabilities Beyond The Candle
Manufacturing competencies to produce room sprays, reed diffusers, essential oils, fragrance oils, and additional product forms.

Dependable Supply Chain
Developed over decades, our fragrances, wax, wicks and containers are sourced from renown fragrance houses and leading global manufacturers ensuring steadfast reliability.

Our Manufacturing Advantage

Cutting Edge, German Engineered Equipment
State-of-the-art wax filling lines, extrusion and molding machines, and multi-wicking technology.

High-Capacity Production Capabilities

Ability to produce over 250,000 jar candles per day.

Compliance With The Most Firm Requirements
Fully integrated production processes that meet or exceed the most demanding customer requirements, certifications, and international regulations.

Candles For Every Use & Occasion
Years of experience and research enable us to create every type of candle; indoor, outdoor, scented, emergency, religious, household.

In-House Custom Decoration Competencies
A full scope of painting, decaling and screen-printing techniques allow us to create designs and execute branding on jars and other vessels.

Ability To Scale
Factory is designed for expansion of additional production lines without affecting ongoing operations.

Commitment To Excellence
We reinvest a sizable portion of our net profits back into our business each year.

Our Certifications

Our Design Advantage

As a team, we collaborate closely with the world's leading fragrance houses, providing us with valuable monthly market updates and trend information. These partnerships empower us to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that our products align with the latest consumer preferences and industry developments.

Our Staff
A fully staffed marketing, design, and sales office in Charleston, South Carolina. With additional reach to specialized talent as required for custom or unique customer projects.

Our Knowledge
Access to our on-going consumer trend research and analysis allows us to proactively monitor ever changing consumer preferences in fragrance, décor, color and relevancy.

From Concept To Final Product
Our in-house design staff are adept at creating product from concept through final execution. We understand manufacturing and have deep expertise in working with glass, metals, ceramics and plastics.

Our Services

Our Innovation

Manufacturing Innovation

Quality Candle Manufacturing Requires
• Highly advanced manufacturing equipment
• Fragrance chemistry expertise
• Ability to customize
• Robust R&D capabilities

Our Product Innovation

Ability To Create New & Unique Wax Blends
We will take on customer challenges for any application, initiative, or out of the ordinary requests. We are continuously experimenting and developing new wax blends and looking for ways to improve fragrance performance in our candles.

Innovative Natural Wax Blend
Our chemists and engineers have created a proprietary natural wax blend that our customers have expressed that it surpasses ordinary wax blends in its ability to emit fragrance efficiently.

Wick Optimization
We offer a range of cotton and wood wicks for different applications and desired burning experiences. Our goal is to deliver the cleanest burning candles. This allows us to determine the perfect interaction between wick, wax, and fragrance formulas.

Our Packaging Innovation

Expanded Printing Capabilities
Brand new a state-of-the-art printing facility in our trade free zone offering 10 UV ink printing units, lamination, hot foil stamping, embossing, multiple die cut stations, and high speed video inspection.

Biodegradable Labels
Biodegradable labels are produced on 100% sugarcane paper which is uncoated with no chemical bleaches. These labels naturally breakdown over time, minimizing their impact on the environment.

It’s color and natural appearance make it an excellent option for environmentally conscious brands packaging solutions.

Vessel Exploration
Constantly adding new vessel options. A commitment to both form and function guides our quest to find the most premium glass, metal and ceramic vessels, providing our
customers with a diverse portfolio of choices to achieve their vision.

Renew. Reclaim. Reimagine

Out Commitment to Sustainability

Wax: Soy & Palm Based
Our soy and palm waxes are derived from renewable resources.

Renewable Energy Sources
Natural gas is utilized to generate our electricity. The heat from our power plant is reclaimed to heat all of our wax.

We use recycled materials, and protocols throughout every aspect of candle manufacturing. We recycle corrugated materials and use recycled glass containers. We use a “slabber” to sort and reuse excess wax which is grouped by color and type.

Cogeneration Energy
Velas’s manufacturing energy is created by cogeneration, a combination of thermal heat and electrical power.

We capture the thermal energy generated, through water and exhaust. The electricity powers the plant and the thermal energy heats our wax tanks.

We are 90% efficient, where we generate 45% of electricity and we use 45% of thermal energy.

Quality Assurance

Our Internal Controls

Raw Material Inspection
To assure the highest quality standards and minimize defects we thoroughly inspect raw materials prior to shipment from the supplier, and again upon arrival at our facility.

In-line Inspection
We perform consistent in-line inspection of finished goods throughout the manufacturing process.

Product Inspection
We conduct inspections during the packing process before they are prepared for shipment

Finished Goods Inspection
Every finished good undergoes meticulous and comprehensive inspections to ensure the highest level of quality.

Our New Laboratory

Our new lab officially opened in the summer of 2023.

Wick Optimization
We choose the right wick for each candle to achieve the cleanest burn and optimal fragrance.

Burn Testing
Conducting burn testing in accordance with ASTM standards. Our team measures heat and soot in each candle.

Color Testing
We are ensure that your candle matches your color specifications and prioritize color stability testing to ensure consistent and reliable results.