About Us

Our Beginnings

We are family owned and operated, and personally involved in every aspect of our business.

We’ve been in the candle business for 30 years, and have mastered the art of candle making. We believe in honesty, loyalty, and transparent communication with our customers and suppliers.

Our founders established themselves in the paraffin business in 1994 by selling wax to the candle-making industry. Customer's increasing demands led them to identify opportunities in the market which involved valuable investments in high-tech and state-of-the-art equipment. As a result, Velas Hispaniola was founded in the Dominican Republic and incorporated in 2003.

Our People

We are 1,100+ talented and dedicated employees across all disciplines. A multilingual, flexible, and cost-efficient workforce stands ready to tackle any request.

Our Facility

We’ve recently built a new, state-of-the-art, 350,000 square feet automated production facility with expansion opportunities.

We’re located in a 140-acre free trade zone. There are no duties or tariffs on candles going from the D.R. to U.S.A.

The Dominican Republic

Our Home

One of the closest near shore candle manufacturer to the US. 3-7-day transit time to East Coast ports ensure timely deliveries.

Exceptionally stable, pro-business government. Committed to building and maintaining efficient infrastructure and transportation networks. One of only 6 countries, globally that enjoys preferential market access to the US and EU.

Competitive cost structure with far east manufacturers and a highly skilled labor force that assures high quality product and delivery.

The benefits from CAFTA Free Trade Agreement provides tariff free and duty-free advantages in both the United States and European Union.